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Vicuña Art Studio Spring 2020 Newsletter

Stay Safe, Stay Creative!

There is no doubt that the world is going through a difficult time. Many people are ill, many struggling financially, and many wrestling to adjust to sudden changes in life. Vicuna Art Studio's space is not as lively as it used to be, but our lnstagram and new Facebook page are very lively! We have been posting videos and photos more often in an attempt to engage our artists virtually during the pandemic. We are trying our best to be creative in ways of supporting our artists to continue to be creative! For those who do not use social media, we will also send 'Vicuna Weekly' with step-by-step art activities and art-related resource links, via email. If you'd like to receive Vicuna Weekly please email For our artists to create art from home, we are handing our Art Kits and hosting Zoom art classes.


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