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Vicuña Art Studio Winter 2020 Newsletter

Happy 2020!

January 2020 is not only a new beginning of a brand new year but also a beginning to a new decade. With excitement and anticipation, Vicuna Art Studio is pleased to share our plans for 2020. One of our goals is to share more of Vicuna artists' works in the community. In January, a selection of our artists' paintings and sculptures are on display by the entrance of Maple Ridge Public Library. In addition to our annual in-house Art Studio Tour show in May and our Winter Art Show in November, Vicuna will be collaborating with the Pitt Meadows Art Gallery for an amazing show in July! Intimate solo exhibitions will also continue to be hosted this year, the first one being in February. Vicuna will continue to participate in the Inclusion Art Show in October, and will have several showcases at local banks in Maple Ridge.


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