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Contact/About Us

Vicuña Art Studio

#1, 11491 Kingston Street

Maple Ridge, B.C., V2X 0Y6



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Guests are welcome throughout the year at our many gallery and exhibition events. Please check our Events Schedule for current or upcoming opportunities.


As an active teaching studio, Vicuña regrets that it cannot accommodate guests without a previously arranged appointment.  

Our Story

Located in Maple Ridge, a suburban community near Vancouver British Columbia, Vicuña welcomed its first students in 2008. The studio was created in response to a need for artists with developmental disabilities who wanted to pursue their artistic ambitions wanting more than a casual arts and craft or recreational experience. At Vicuña participants are encouraged to become “true students of art.” Every student who enters the studio is assured access to professional instruction, quality canvas, paint, brushes, clay and tools. They are further supported to exhibit and sell their works at gallery events and with local retailers. 


Owned and operated by the Ridge Meadows Association for Community Living, Vicuña is supported by funding from the provincial government and generous donations from its many patrons and supporting members. Vicuna celebrates these partners for without their support many of its artists might not have been discovered or had a chance to explore their talents, develop as artists and share their creativity with the world.

Meet Our Instructors

Dhanha Lee
Jenny Cho
Maria Daley
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