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Our Artists & Collections

Works shared in this gallery are available for purchase and many are available in print on multiple mediums. 
Angela Mounce
Brittany Tunshell
Eric Darville
Jairus Farano
Jimmy Kshanowski
Karla Sarradet
Marjan Ishani
Aurel Popovici
Calum Matheson
Farrah Desjarlais
Jessica (Bailuk) Isaac
Jodi Main
Lindsay Andersen
Michelle Gillespie
Brenda Powers
Cathy Gunnewig
Gord Baird
Jihwan Jin
Marc Sears
Natasha Brayshaw
Tyler Burton

Vicuna is an instructional studio and some of the artists who participate receive varying degrees of support to produce their work.


Some paintings have been inspired by another painter and are listed as “After” followed by the original artist’s name.

Originals and prints are available for purchase, call 604-465-7526 or email

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